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Drug Shortages

Drug shortage  

Below is the update for the week of August 15, 2014:

Products that are out and no re-supply at this time:

  • Caffeine – sodium benzoate amps
  • Droperidol - on backorder with no release date at this time
  • Nubain
  • Pancuronium: currently no release date
  • Reserpine Tablets 0.25mg and 0.1mg
  • Sodium thiosulfate
  • Thiotepa
  • Warfarin (Coumadin) injection

Products whose supplies are low, re-supply is problematic or does not seem stable:

  • Atropine injection: The 0.4 mg vials continue to be on backorder status.  All other injectable form have returned to normal levels.
  • AZACTAM 1 GRAM: We have 7 vials in the iv room eta mid September
  • AZACTAM  2 GRAM: We have 5 vials in the iv room eta mid September
  • Chloroprocaine 3% MPF 20ml (Nesacaine): The product is on backorder status; expected release of new supplies is late August.  We currently have 1 vial in various L&D OR Pyxis locations.
  • DACARBAZINE 200 MG: 1 vial in stock eta late August
  • Dextran-40 10% in D5W 500 mL IV:  On backorder with no defined release date. We have none in stock.
  • Hydroxyzine vials: On backorder, no defined release date, we have none in stock.
  • Indigo Carmine Injection: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer(s). We currently have 8 in the carousel and 41 in the pyxis.
  • STERILE WATER FOR INJECTION:  Long term back order
  • Zinc Injection: currently in very short supply; current supplies being used for Pediatric TPN only.

Products that have returned to a “normal” status:

  • Erythromycin Vial 500 mg
  • Midazolam 10mg/10ml vial
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