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Spiritual Care
The Department of Spiritual Care provides 24-hour chaplains for pastoral intervention, crisis response, urgent/emergency situations for religious presence, sacraments and consultations.

Chaplains and chaplain Interns are part of the multi-disciplinary care team who respond to a patient's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. We respect diversity of religious faiths, culture, ethnic history and spiritual practices.

A chaplain can be reached at all times through the hospital operator or by calling the Spiritual Care department, (480) 412-3219, during regular business hours.

Integrative Therapies
Banner Desert Medical Center offers a variety of non-medical healing therapies:

  • Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment to relieve pain and stress and improve skin care that uses botanical oils. Certified aromatherapy practitioner nurses perform inhalation therapy and 30 and 60-minute aromatherapy massages.There is an additional cost for this service.
  • Massage therapy can promote general well being, while boosting the circulatory and immune systems. Credentialed and licensed massage therapists perform massage therapy. There is an additional cost for this service.
  • Music therapy can help patients with breathing, chronic pain, physical rehabilitation, and with many diseases. Music-based interventions include relaxation and visualization with music, song singing, song writing and group cooperative sessions. Board-certified music therapists facilitate music therapy. There is no additional cost for this service.
  • The Dog Therapy program features specially trained and certified dogs who make daily rounds to provide unconditional love and a break in routine for many patients. If you would like a visit from one of our many canine therapists, please ask your caregiver.

Partners In Caring
Banner Desert believes that friends and family play an important role in the healing process. You can select a friend or family member to be your Partner in Caring. The role of the partner varies for each patient, but the goal is to make families feel welcome, create choices, enhance information for the patient and family and make the transition to home easier. For information, please talk with your nurse.

Healing Gardens
We have healing gardens around the hospital to provide respite for patients and visitors. The Meditation Garden located near the west Visitor Lobby offers a quiet place to sit among the trees and waterfalls. The Healing Grounds Café in this garden proudly sells Starbucks products, pastries, sandwiches and salads.

The Children's Gardens provide interactive play and a change of scenery for many of our young patients. Rabbits and fish live in our Hummingbird garden, where you might even glimpse a hummingbird in springtime. Talking trees and sculptures entertain children in the adjacent children's garden. Both gardens are accessible from the Children's Center.

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