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Genetic Counseling


Banner Health has partnered with the City of Hope National Medical Center Cancer Screening and Prevention Program to bring genetic counseling services to Banner Desert Cancer Center.

This program provides comprehensive cancer screening that focuses on family history, as well as genetics, environmental and lifestyle factors to determine if you are at risk of developing cancer. If you are, we can help reduce that risk.

For more information, please call the Banner Desert Cancer Center at (480) 412-3808. Ask to talk with our genetic and cancer risk counselor.

Know the Key Indicators of Hereditary Cancer
Hereditary forms of cancer are most suspicious in families that include:

  • Early age of cancer diagnosis
  • Cancer in more than one generation
  • Cancer in more than two closely related individuals on the SAME side of the family
  • More than one type of cancer in an individual (e.g. breast and ovarian cancer)
  • Cancer in paired organs (e.g. both breasts)
  • Several rare cancers in multiple individuals
  • Ashkenazi Jewish heritage and a history of breast/ovarian cancer

Three-Step Approach
The City of Hope - Banner Cancer Screening and Prevention Program at Banner Desert Cancer Center takes a three-step approach to help each patient understand and minimize risks.

  1. Individuals meet with our expert clinical staff to review their family’s medical history. Together we will construct a family tree to uncover cancer patterns.
  2. We will provide our assessment of your risk for cancer and review steps you could take to lessen the likelihood of developing the disease. If genetic testing is indicated, you will be fully educated about the process so you can make an informed decision.
  3. If an individual chooses to undergo genetic testing, a blood sample will be taken and analyzed. You will have a face-to-face discussion for test results and recommendations for care. From the information gained during this process, you can learn how to outsmart cancer through personally designed prevention and early detection strategies.

Mission Statement
The City of Hope - Banner Cancer Screening and Prevention Program at Banner Desert Cancer Center is committed to being a national leader in the advancement of cancer genetics, screening and prevention through innovative patient care, research and education.

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