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Scheduling Process


Patients are referred to the sleep center by their primary care physician, or medical specialist via a written, signed order for a sleep test or a sleep consultation or both (in some cases, a sleep consultation may be scheduled without a written, signed order depending on the patient’s insurance, but in all cases an in-lab sleep test and Home Sleep Apnea Test requires a written provider order.)

Once the sleep test or sleep consultation order is received, your evaluation is scheduled. We will send a letter to your home address on file confirming the test date, explaining pre-test preparations and the sleep test itself. You will receive subsequent phone calls from our Patient Financial Services team regarding insurance verification and authorization and any co-pay or financial responsibility.

You will also receive telephone calls from our sleep center to schedule and again to re-confirm your sleep testing date the night prior to your test (patients must confirm scheduled appointments with the sleep center the day prior to the test date, otherwise will be rescheduled.) A similar process occurs with our Home Sleep Apnea Tests. 

Patient Referral Process: 
Physicians and Providers who wish to refer patients to our sleep center for a sleep study and/or sleep specialist consultation, may fax signed/dated written orders, with sleep testing indications noted, along with the patient’s supporting chart notes and insurance information directly to our sleep center for scheduling to (480) 412-8788.

Note: We accept patient referrals on generic order forms.

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