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Banner Desert Medical Center: Belle Metcalf – A Mother’s Story Full Transcription

Text: Banner Health © Banner Desert Medical Center A Mother’s Story…

Image: A baby’s hand holding the mother’s forefinger

Audio: Theme music that continues playing during entire segment.

Text: Belle Metcalf

Images: Sequenced photos: Belle Metcalf’s pregnancy, newborn twins in father’s arms soon after birth, then mother and father sitting on sofa, each cradling a newborn twin in their arms and smiling for camera.

Audio: Belle Metcalf speaks on-camera throughout video.

Audio:  “Having twins, it makes the pregnancy different because it’s a little bit higher risk. One of first things people would ask when we, you know, told them we were having twins is ‘Oh, what hospital?’ We said, ‘Banner Desert.’ ‘Oh, I’ve heard that is the greatest one in the valley for twins and for multiples just because of the NICU that they have there and just the facility itself is just really great for that.

I called my mom and kind of explained things to her, you know, what I was feeling, she’s like ‘Yes, sounds like you’re in labor. Congratulations.’ And then I called my husband, ‘I think I’m in labor.’ ‘Well, do I need to come right now or can you wait 30 to 45 minutes?’ I’m like, ‘I’m thinking, now, come now.’ Every single one of the nurses that we dealt with was just fabulous as far as making your comfort level nice.

So we’re in there and the nurse that we had was just kind of joking around with us, making us feel at ease and everything. She was really nice and it came time to check to see how dilated I was and she’d checked, because she had ask what my pain level was at and I said ‘Oh, it’s at a five’, because you always think it can get worse so I’ll just stay at five. And she checked me, she’s like, ‘Oh honey, you’re at seven. Oh, my gosh.’ And so that’s when it was like, okay, move, move, move. And from then it just went so quick. They pulled in the ultrasound cart, checked to see the position of the babies. The first one was head down and then second one was head up, so they had to do C-section so that was really quick, too, and just got right in there.”

“Daniel had a little bit of trouble breathing. Once they got us into the recovery room, they noticed that he had a little bit of trouble breathing, like his chest and his nostrils were flaring a little bit. So they actually took him up to the observation room and it was so nice because my husband was able to go with him and stay with him the whole time. It was so nice that it was right there and that we didn’t have to worry about him being taken to a different hospital or anything. And it was just kind of comforting that there was an issue, it wasn’t too big, you know, we knew that they could handle it.

Every single nurse that we had was so wonderful, so helpful, so kind, you know, you don’t even worry about them handling the baby at all because they’re so efficient at it and just so gentle and kind of just loving with all the babies – it was just, it was really nice. And you see them a lot because come in and out, like quite often. But they’re just very kind and if you have any problems with anything, they’re there to help you. They get the lactation consultant in there to help you. It’s just, it’s really wonderful.”

“I would definitely recommend Banner Desert to anyone, but especially, people who feel like their pregnancy is higher risk. Or even those who feel like their pregnancy is completely normal like there couldn’t be a thing wrong, just because they have everything there. The staff is wonderful, the facility. You couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Image: Baby’s hand holding mother’s forefinger.

Text: Banner Health © Banner Desert Medical Center A Mother’s Story…

Audio:  Music continues playing to conclusion.

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