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Tamy's Story

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Banner Desert Medical Center - Tamy Ritchie on A Mother’s Story Full Transcription

Text:      Banner Health © Banner Desert Medical Center
              A Mother’s Story…

Audio: Theme music plays throughout video.

Image:  Baby holding the mother’s forefinger.

Text: Tamy Ritchie

Images: Fragmented shots of Tamy Ritchie when pregnant, baby Ritchie when born, baby Ritchie held close by Tamy after delivery, kissing the sleeping baby’s forehead and photo of a smiling mother and father with newborn Ritchie.

Image: Tamy Ritchie speaks on-camera throughout video.

Text: Tamy Ritchie

Audio:  “I don’t know that it hit me really that I, you know, here I am, 40 years old and having my first child. But once it did hit me a little bit later on, because as I mentioned, this pregnancy wasn’t planned, so a little bit later once it sunk in, I just felt such at peace about being able to deliver at Banner Dessert.

Not only do they have the best NICU, the neonatal unit is, as my doctor said, the best in the Valley and should something go wrong, she’s in the best possible place. But he also brought to my attention, I, being a high-risk pregnancy, having a high-risk pregnancy, I was going to be in the best care if something were to have gone wrong with me. And I felt very comfortable with that. I was with the group of doctors that, you know, pointed out to me that, you know, I opted for surgery. There could be complications with that. They were very good about letting me know that Banner Desert is the best place for me to be as well as the baby.

When I got to the hospital, everyone from, just the people at the front desk directing us back to the nurses and getting me prepared and prepped for surgery, were so helpful. I wasn’t one who wanted to know every single little detail and she just said, ‘Okay, great. Tell you what, if there’s something important that, you know, we think you need to know, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, if you’re okay, we’ll just kind of move right through what we’re going to do,’ and that worked for me.”

I was having blood pressure issues and so they held us there a little bit longer and even that was, everybody was wonderful. They let my family in and I had Sabrina with me the whole time, and they were just wonderful. And by the time we got up to our room, we were really ready because we had been held in recovery for so long and everyone was great. I could not have asked for anything different. From the minute we got into our room after I’ve had surgery and it was, you know, quite a bit later on that day, to the time that we left the hospital, our nurses where wonderful.

One of the things I do remember is when I needed one, they were there. When it was appropriate, they were there. When we were looking at, you know, where to deliver, where the best place for me as well as for the baby to deliver, we found that not only was our doctor’s office on-call 24/7, one of the team of doctors is always at the hospital, but so are the anesthesiologists, so are the pediatrician, and actually, my pediatrician group that I have chosen for my daughter is also on-call. So it was really a safe place for us to be for that reason alone. My decision was just, you know, all the more confirmed that we have made the right decision to deliver at Banner Desert because of having the 24/7 care in so many different areas.”

Image: A baby’s hand holding the mother’s forefinger.

Text: Banner Health © Banner Desert Medical Center - A Mother’s Story…

Audio: Music concludes.

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