Ways to Give at Banner Desert Medical Center  

Be a volunteer at Banner Desert Medical Center and Cardon Children's Medical Center


At Banner Desert and Cardon Children’s Medical Centers, our volunteers are an important part of our hospital care team.

The first step to learn about becoming a hospital volunteer is to attend an information session (required). This is how interested individuals will learn about what it takes to become a volunteer. 

Due to the in-depth nature of the application and training process, as well as the costs involved, we require a minimum six-month (100 hour) time commitment.

If you are interested in information regarding volunteer opportunities, please check back after January 1st, 2016 to sign up for 2016 information sessions.

Becoming a volunteer is as easy as 1...2...3...4!

Steps to become a volunteer

 Steps to become a volunteer include:

  1. Attend a required Information Session to learn about the requirements and time commitments.
  2. After the information session individuals will receive an email containing the online volunteer application link. The application must be completed within the noted time frame.
  3. Applications will be reviewed by Volunteer Resources and selected individuals will be contacted. 
  4. Interview
  5. Pass Health Screen & Background Check
    (Please note: A health screen is required for In-Hospital volunteers and Summer Volunteers. The health screen is not required for Community Volunteers. At your health screen appointment you’ll need to…Show proof of having a flu shot in the last twelve monthsStart the two step tuberculosis(TB) skin test process. Bring proof of vaccines for Measles, Mumps, German measles (Rubella), Chickenpox (Varicella) OR…Physician documentation you had the disease.Please note: If the immunization records are not satisfactory you may need a blood test to check for immunity to the diseases, or possibly obtain the immunizations.)
  6. Complete required volunteer on-boarding process, complete volunteer orientation, attend position-specific training and complete a self-guided hospital tour.

If you are selected for the Volunteer Program, you will then:

  • Complete an online background check within 48 hours.
  • Complete a health screening at the Occupational Health Clinic located on the Banner Desert campus within 2 weeks (includes a 2-step TB skin test and required Flu vaccination during Flu season).
  • Teens (ages 16-17) must complete a Parental Consent Form.
  • Complete the New Volunteer Onboarding Packet (contains documents to read and forms to sign)
  • Attend a 15-30 minute placement appointment with a Volunteer Resources staff person after you have cleared the required health screening and background process you will be scheduled for your 1st day  where you will get your uniform and volunteer badge.
    • Purchase the Volunteer uniform top in the Cardon Children's Gift Shop ($22.49, includes a 10% volunteer discount)

Learn more about the Volunteer Opportunities avilable at Banner Desert and Cardon Children's.

** Please note: Volunteer Resources is unable to offer observing, shadowing, internships or court-ordered community service hours. Teens ages 16-17 are not permitted to volunteer in Patient-care areas.

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