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Health Information Management Services


Medical Records

Since Banner Estrella Medical Center is an all electronic medical records facility, Medical Records, or Health Information Management Services, can be reached by email or telephone.

You can contact HIMS direct at (623) 327-4467.

Other services offered by HIMS include:

  • Dictation/Transcription: (623) 327-5312
  • Record Completion: (623) 327-5323
  • Record Completion (OB): (623) 327-5312
  • Coding: (623) 832-5443
  • Release of Information: (623) 327-5320
  • Oncology Registry: (623) 327-5246

Clinical Documentation Specialists

Compliant Documentation Management Program (CDMP) assists the physician, via the documentation clarification and coding process, to provide the most accurate and compliant documentation for each patient.

Banner Estrella provides Clinical Documentation Specialists (CDSs) to assist physicians by providing the most up-to-date clinical knowledge and Medicare requirements to all documentation options. CDSs also can provide physicians with the impact these options can have on severity ratings.

CDSs can be utilized concurrently on the floors and will assist the physicians in using compliant language in addition to helping with communication to the hospital coders.

You can reach the Banner Estrella Clinical Documentation Specialists at (623) 327-5157 or (623) 327-5110.

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