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Dog Therapy at Banner Estrella Medical Center

Pet therapy  

Banner Estrella Medical Center realizes that sometimes the best medicine is not medicine at all.

That’s why we provide our “All Star” Dog Therapy Program at least once a day for a couple hours.

Our Dog Therapists have wonderful temperaments, are obedient, have the ability to learn and are well groomed. They readily accept strangers and sit still amidst distractions. Each dog goes through six to12 months of extensive training and are certified by the state.

The Dog Therapy program is run by volunteers who must be certified by one of three organizations: Therapy Dogs Inc., Delta Society or Therapy Dogs International. Their "human therapists" who accompany the Dog Therapists must also go through the Banner Estrella Volunteer process.

If you have any questions or dog therapy requests, please contact the Dog Therapy Volunteer Teams, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays, by:

Banner Estrella's Dog Therapy program is a facility-specific group of pets and their owners who support the Banner Health Pet Therapy program, which has been going strong since 1990.

The Banner Health Pet Therapy program is the longest-running hospital-based pet therapy program in Arizona. It is supported by charitable donations through the Banner Health Foundation.

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