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Heart Diagnosis

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An accurate diagnosis is the first step in treating any sort of heart abnormality or disease.

There are a number of ways doctors at Banner Estrella Medical Center can diagnose heart ailments and select the best method of treatment. Please speak with your doctor to determine what specific testing is needed.

Cardiac Catheterization
A diagnostic cardiac catheterization is a special study of the heart , valves or coronary arteries. A doctor guides a thin plastic tube or catheter through an artery or vein in the arm or groin.

Banner Estrella Medical Center is now offering transradial catheterization, minimally-invasive with less than a four-hour recovery period.

During an echocardiogram, also called an echo, a technician uses a painless technique to send sound waves into the patient’s chest. This produces a moving picture of the heart and heart valves.

Electrocardiography (ECG)
Also called EKG, an electrocardiogram measures the electrical activity in a heartbeat. Patients can be hooked to electrodes or wear a heart monitor (a small box that weighs less than one pound) that sends signals to a technician that observes the heart rate and rhythm.

Nuclear Imaging
Nuclear medicine is a unique type of medical imaging that uses very small and safe amounts of radioactive materials in conjunction with a specialized camera to diagnose and treat disease. Heart scans are most often used to image blood flow to, and the function of, the heart.

Treadmill Stress Testing
Stress/exercise testing involves studying the heart while under maximum cardiac stress. It allows a technician to measure the heart's efficiency. Patients may walk on a treadmill or lie still under a camera depending on how the physician wants to see their heart function.

Schedule your Heart Health Check that includes:

  • Blood pressure test: High blood pressure or hypertension can make the heart work harder than normal and can cause heart enlargement and weakening.  It also increases the risk or heart attack and stoke.    
  • Cholesterol screening: This screening is a good starting point if you have never had your cholesterol tested or is great opportunity to see if the lifestyle changes you are making are effective in helping to control cholesterol levels
  • Body mass index and body fat percentage: The BMI Calculator helps determine if you are at a healthy weight.
  • Cardiac risk assessment:  This assessment can help determine your risk for developing heart disease and enable you to modify your lifestyle to help you live a longer and healthier life.
  • One-on-one consultation with a heart health expert: This will help you understand your Heart Health Check results and  help you determine steps to make healthier lifestyle choices.
    Are you ready to take the next step? 

Simply register online or call (602) 230-CARE to schedule your heart health check at a hospital near you. View upcoming dates and times

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