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2011 Stats


Did 2011 feel like a busy year for you? Here are some statistics we collect about types of patient care we provide on the Banner Gateway Campus.  Check them out and see if you would have guessed numbers close to these!

2011 BGMC Stats

  • Deliveries – 4,172
  • Total Surgeries – 6,247
  • Inpatient Surgeries – 3,138
  • Outpatient Surgeries – 3,109
  • Bariatric Surgeries - 255
  • ED Visits – 50,051

2011 BMDACC Stats (Sept. - Dec.)

  • Total inpatient admissions: 143
  • Outpatient surgeries: 55 
  • Inpatient surgeries: 48
  • ED visits: 82
  • Clinic visits: 1257
  • Infusion visits: 1778
  • Radiation Oncology treatments: 1918
  • Imaging procedures: 2951

While these numbers are impressive, what is even more outstanding is the excellent patient care you provide to our patients every day. Our patient experience scores for Likelihood to Recommend and Overall Rating continue to be above target, thanks to your focus on doing the right thing for our patients. Many of our other scores are improving as well.

Thank you for providing excellent patient care to all our patients in 2011 and to the many more patients we will be privileged to care for in 2012.

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