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2012 Strategic Initiatives


By Dr. Chris Price, Chief of Staff
As you are aware, each year we work to meet our strategic initiatives. In 2012, many of our initiatives will be the same as last year with a few new ones added. One of the main areas of focus this year is improving campus throughput and efficiency in collaboration with physicians, leaders and staff.

It is that time of year again when Banner Health sets overall goals as well as individual hospital goals to achieve throughout the year. These goals range from employee engagement and patient experience to clinical outcomes and financial performance. Just like last year, our Medical Executive Committee created a plan as well.

This year, our overall 2012 strategic initiative is to provide every patient with an extraordinary experience at every encounter. After determining our main goal, each member of the Medical Executive Team met with their dyads to create specific measures that would help us achieve this goal.

I would like to recognize some of those individuals included in these dyads for the work they did last year as well as for the success they will achieve this year. While I cannot mention all of them, I do want to acknowledge everyone who has worked on a dyad team as without your hard work we would not be able to continue to advance the care that is provided on this campus. Positive results benefit our patients, the entire medical staff and Banner Health as a whole.

Dr. Brian Delisio continues to bring energy and expertise as he works to ensure that the Anesthesia department functions as efficiently as possible by start time as well as pre-op stay. He is teamed up with Penny Boone, Perioperative Services director, and together they make a great team that I am confident will achieve all of the goals set for them. 

ER Medicine
Tammy Sutton, Emergency Department director, and Dr. Olin Vance are coming off of a very successful year in which they met all of their goals. They are going to continue to keep the success going by working closely with teams of staff and physicians to hardwire the importance of patient satisfaction as well as shorten the time for treat and release. The strong leadership of this dyad as well as of the Emergency department allows the staff to enhance the quality of care delivered within this department.

This dyad team created aggressive goals for 2012 and feels strongly that they will improve the care delivered in our Intensive Care Unit as well as other areas. Terry Bond, ICU and PCU director, and Amy Brown, Med/Surg and Oncology Unit director, will work with Dr. Shiva Birdi and Dr. Nikunj Doshi to focus on delivering quality care in the most time efficient manner while promoting patient safety. This dyad is being led by a very seasoned team of leaders and I know we will see great results!

Kelley Kieffer, Women and Infants Services director, and Dr. Linda Sodoma worked extremely well together in 2011 and I expect no different in 2012 as they work to enhance the overall safety within the department. They will work with the staff and other physicians to reduce the number of elective inductions before 39 weeks as well as limit the use of foley catheters in epiduralized patients.

New to the dyad model are Dr. Edgardo Rivera, medical director for Banner MD Anderson, and Vicki Koceja, clinical administrative director for Banner MD Anderson. The aggressive goals set for them in 2012 will give them great experience working with our medical staff while they further develop the oncology services on campus. Furthermore, they will work to improve throughput and the overall quality of care provided at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. I am excited to see the results from this dynamic duo.

This dyad, comprised of Dr. Kevin McCabe and Georgia Koehler, Laboratory director, will work towards goals directed at better serving their clients including the medical staff. They will work to reduce the turnaround time for frozen sections, basic metabolic panels and routine surgical cases. I expect to see this result in increased patient satisfaction, medical staff satisfaction and patient safety! I look forward to seeing the success of these goals.

This dyad chose to work on a timeliness goal for newborns. Dr. Geetha Rao and Kelley Kieffer, Women and Infant Services director, recognized that timeliness has been an issue in the past and are working to improve patient satisfaction as well as the ability to care for more patients. I am very grateful for the leadership of this dyad and their continued dedication to improve the pediatric care delivered on this campus.

Dr. Donald Schomer and Jon Milar, Medical Imaging director, are working as a dyad to put forth more focus on the service they provide to the medical staff. They recognize that quality is an expectation of the medical imaging department and are implementing some goals such as timeliness to help them exceed all expectations. This department has had success over the years improving the timeliness of their reads as well as of their performance and I expect that we will continue to see improvements with Dr. Schomer’s new role and leadership of this team. They have also chosen to focus on the technical side of turnaround and want to enhance the availability of radiologists for interpretation. We will all benefit from the results of this department’s continued hard work and I look forward to seeing the positive results.

This dyad is working with the Anesthesia dyad to be sure their goals are in line. Dr. Rob Schuster and Penny Boone, Perioperative Services director, will work with Anesthesia dyad member Dr. Brian DeLisio to ensure that the Operating Room functions as efficiently as possible by start time as well as pre-op stay. Dr. Schuster brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this team and will use that to help improve our operative suites to the benefit of our patients.

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