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Banner, other health care organizations ask Arizona elected officials to "Do No Harm"


Massive Budget Cuts Could be Harmful
Arizona's governor and legislators are eyeing cuts to the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) to fix the state’s massive budget deficit. Banner Health President and CEO Peter S. Fine joined other health care leaders in sending a request to state legislators to "Do No Harm" to those who could be impacted by the proposed sweeping cuts last month.

An Alternative Proposal to Budget Cuts
To provide alternatives to the cuts, one proposal supported by Arizona hospitals, long-term care facilities and AHCCCS insurance plans is a health care assessment to address the state budget deficit while also preventing significant financial loss and potential massive job losses to the health care industry. This proposal preserves reimbursement from federal matching dollars to fund care for low-income childless adults.

Letter Supports Alternative Proposal
To show support for this proposal, several leaders of major health care organizations in Arizona, including Peter Fine, published a letter to Arizona’s elected officials that ran in the April 1 editions of the  Phoenix Business Journal and the Arizona Capitol Times and the April 3 edition of the Arizona Republic.  
"My leadership colleagues and I wanted to make sure our elected officials clearly understood our position and advocacy to keep our health care industry strong," Fine said.

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