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Building Leadership

Dr. Chris Price  

by Dr. Chris Price, Chief of Staff

Earlier this month, members of the Medical Executive Committee as well as select members from Banner Gateway’s Senior Operations Team were invited to attend a Leadership Retreat. The goal of these retreats, which are held annually, is to educate and inform the elected medical staff leaders about different ways they can continue to develop and improve their leadership potential.

The retreat was very successful and allowed us to work as a team to identify opportunities for improvement and focus. The two topics that took precedent in the conversation were accessibility and communication. As leaders of Banner Gateway’s medical staff, they want and need to be consistently reaching out to all of you and identifying any needs you may have. The flip side of that is that they need to be accessible to you if and when you need to reach them whether it be regarding feedback or simply asking for classification.

Communication also plays a big role in their leadership position as they are responsible for communicating the rationale behind systemwide changes and taking any feedback you may have regarding these changes back to the system level. You are the ones providing our patients with excellent patient care, so please share your input on any ideas you have on how we can improve patient care and improve system consistencies with your medical staff leaders.

On another note I am very happy to report that the scores for the Communication with Physicians initiative are on the rise. This increase is due to your hard work and dedication to our patients. The scores for the Communication with Nurses and Communication about Medication initiatives have stayed steady, but I am confident that they will also be on the rise in the coming months. I want to once again thank medical executive committee members, Dr. John Rooney, Dr. Nick Doshi and Dr. Rob Schuster, for taking the lead on these new initiatives. They continue to work with their teams to think of various ways our communication can be improved across the board. Let’s keep up the great work!

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