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Cerner Power Notes Star 2G project Kick off Jan. 18


With the 2012 Cerner Upgrade scheduled to take place in the fall, PN2G and PNED will be replaced by PowerNotes Star 2G  (PN*2G).   Through most of 2012, the new PowerNote platform (PN*2G) will replace both of these in Cerner for Providers.

In preparation for the 2012 Cerner Upgrade a team from IT, Clinical Informatics and Operations is working to upgrade the Patient Histories section of the patient’s chart to best support this transition.  The Patient History module will be implemented March 13, 2012.  This module is a shared history for both Providers and frontline staff, and will consist of Medical History, Family History, Social History, and Procedural History.

With this upgrade we will have a higher level of functionality. When the physician imports the patient history information (which was entered when the patient was seen either in the ED or during the admission process) into the PowerNote and makes additions or corrections, this information will now be available for the next clinician to utilize when additional Histories information is entered either during the same encounter or the next. The format/functionality of the Patient Histories information collection is different with the new functionality and will more clearly display when pulled into a PN.

The PN*2G conversion is planned for March – October 2012 by specialty. For each provider, your existing pre-completed notes and macros will be captured and stored for you on a website.  As each specialty becomes the focus of this change over the course of 2012, Clinical Informatics support will be provided to assist you in making this transition. 

Conversion dates planned by Specialty: (dates may be subject to change)

  • PA’s, NP’s ( not ED or NNP’s) 3/13/12 
  • Medicine 4/10/12 
  • ED 5/16/12 
  • Surgery 6/25/12 
  • Pediatrics 8/6/12  
  • All Others 9/4/12  

While the information collected during the ED visit and/or during the admission process will be nearly the same, the format in which the information is imbedded into the EMR will be different. Your participation in training by viewing Web Casts, reading newsletters and Tip sheets will ease this transition. Clinical Informatics at each facility will provide detailed conversion information. If you have any questions, please contact Banner Gateway Clinical Informatics team at 543-2726.

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