For Physicians at Banner Gateway Medical Center  

Do your part to protect personally identifiable information


Cyber criminals use personally identifiable information for identity theft, fraud and social engineering attacks against families and companies like Banner Health.  Social engineering is the art of manipulating, tricking, and/or deceiving people into performing actions or divulging confidential information for the purposes of fraud, computer system access, and/or building access. 

Keeping information safe and secure:
Your data and information is valuable to others, but there are actions you can take to reduce the likelihood that you accidentally reveal or have someone else steal personally identifiable information through social engineering.

  1. Do not provide detailed information about Banner Health, or yourself on personal blogs and social network sites;
  2. Validate and verify any “vendor” requesting information;
  3. Stress to vendors not to disclose sensitive information about Banner Health to other entities without approval;
  4. Protect confidential information.  Never respond to e-mail requesting your passwords, user names, Social Security number, or other personal information, no matter how official it looks. If you're asked to call a telephone number, verify it independently. Talk to your manager if you are unclear if certain information is allowed to be posted online; and
  5. Ensure metadata and confidential data from documents are removed prior to posting on any personal or Banner website or social network sites.
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