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First Quarter Results

Dr. Chris Price Dr. Chris Price  

by Dr. Chris Price, Chief of Staff
The first quarter results for our Strategic and Tactical Plan are in and while most of the scores are positive, there is definitely room for improvement. Earlier in the year, I explained the purpose of this plan and some of the changes that were made to align with the Medical Executive Committee’s goal of providing every patient with an extraordinary experience at every encounter.

Rather than share all of the scores with you, I am going to focus on the three specific areas which involve communication. These three new initiatives are Communication with Nurses, Communication with Physicians and Communication regarding Medication. While we scored in the 87th percentile for communication about medication, we only scored in the 34th percentile for communication with nurses and the 18th percentile for communication with physicians. These results are much lower than they should be; however, I am confident that they will begin to increase as the year progresses.

Each of these initiatives is led by a nursing leader and physician who together are working with a larger team, consisting of physicians, hospitalists, staff nurses and support staff, to determine what can be done to improve communication overall. These teams are doing great work and will begin to implement new practices in the coming weeks. One example of a new practice is physician and nurse rounding. When both the physician and the nurse round on the patients together they  can assess the patient at the same which will in turn facilitate communication with the patient. During nightshift there will be nurse rounding with an additional nurse. This program is currently being piloted on the fourth floor and once evaluated will be implemented throughout the hospital.

I know we can improve these communication scores as well as our other initiative  scores. Please continue to work collaboratively to ensure we are consistently providing our patients with the safest and best care possible. Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication. 

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