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Focus on throughput in 2012


by Chris Price, MD, Chief of Staff

As you are aware, each year we work to meet our strategic initiatives. In 2012, many of our initiatives will be the same as last year with a few new ones added. One of the main areas of focus this year is improving campus throughput and efficiency in collaboration with physicians, leaders and staff.

We chose this overarching goal for several reasons. The projections for the next year show that the volumes on our campus are going to increase and limit our resource availability such as operation room space, beds and more. Focusing on efficiency and throughput will allow us to get the most out of our current capacity.

It is the right thing to do for patients since it ensures procedures start on time and patients receive the appropriate level of care in the appropriate location. And it is good for the campus as it will allow us to provide more patients with care by moving them to the appropriate location in a more timely manner.

There are four different sections of this throughput initiative that focus on different areas within our campus:

Perioperative Services: their throughput initiatives include:

  • On-time starts
  • Room turnover time
  • Smoothing of admissions from Operating Room to Inpatient

Inpatient care:

  • Appropriate level of care
  • Discharge order to patient leaving
  • Room turnover time

Emergency department:

  • Time of admission order to bed
  • Treat and release timeliness

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center -- Timeliness of new appointment to:

  • first clinic visit
  • ancillary service visit
  • surgery scheduler

I am very confident that together we can work to achieve these initiatives as well as the others included in the plan. We will need to continue to work collaboratively to ensure that we are consistently providing our patients with the safest and best care possible.

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