For Physicians at Banner Gateway Medical Center  

Improving our Initiatives


by Dr. Chris Price, Chief of Staff
As you know, we have been tracking the scores as a facility for the new communication initiatives since January as they were chosen as our Medical Executive Committee goals. However, this month Banner Health as a system will begin tracking these scores. In an effort to work more collaboratively across the system, an action plan has been created that we will each follow while customizing it slightly for our individual campuses.

This action plan is comprised of four different areas including Education and Awareness, Physician Recognition, Physician Accountability and Other System Best Practices. Members from our Medical Executive Team along with our Service Excellence department are still working on how we are going to customize this plan for the Banner Gateway campus. We will be sharing that information with you next month. Having a focus on these areas will allow us to approach these initiatives in a new way and improve the current scores. 

I am happy to report that the teams currently focusing on these communication initiatives have started two new practices that are really making a difference. The first, physician and nurse rounding, started in June and is showing impressive results. Also being piloted on our Medical Surgical floors is bedside nurse to nurse rounding. Through this new process, the bedside report given at shift change is conducted right at the patient bedside with the patient involved. Both of these new practices allow the caregivers to assess the patient at the same time, which will in turn facilitate communication with the patient. These teams are continuing to work collaboratively to develop even more new practices that can help us improve our communication with our patients as well as our initiative scores.

Please continue to communicate with the tools I described in my last column. If you effectively manage first impressions, engage patients in two-way conversations and foster an environment of team collaboration, our scores will go up in no time. Also, remember to introduce yourself as you enter a patient’s room even if you were in the room earlier in the day. The simple gesture of an introduction allows patients and their families to feel more comfortable with you.

We need to continue to work collaboratively to achieve the scores that we are striving for. I know we can do it! Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication.

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