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Introducing the SWAT RN program


Banner Gateway's new SWAT RN program is kicking off this month! You may have seen nurses serving in the SWAT role over the past few months as many of our staff have been assigned to this role for a few shifts to provide support to our patients and nurses while we hired and oriented our official team.

What will be the official role of this team be? Our SWAT nurses will respond to Codes/RRTs, assist with the care and transfer of a patient when their  level of care has been upgraded and can be a second set of eyes for you to collaborate on an assessment or go to the ED or PACU to help transport your patient after you receive report.

These staff members will be also be available for patients that require RN accompaniment for tests, procedures or visits to the Cancer Center. They are also available for ultrasound IV insertions, EJs and IO access along with assisting with other procedures at the bedside.

SWAT RNs will round on all nursing units within Banner Gateway as well as at Banner MD Anderson. We are working to ensure that every shift is staffed by one of our SWAT RNs, however, there are a couple day shifts when one will not be available. During those shifts we will do our best to continue to have an ICU, PCU or ED RN fill. Please remember the folks that are filling may not have the same training as our SWAT RN team.

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