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New changes to existing policies


By Chris Price, MD, Chief of Staff
It is our goal on the Banner Gateway Campus to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible while having the best experience during their stay. In order to ensure that happens, we have several processes in place and policies that outline certain expectations and guidelines we need to follow.

Our Medical Executive Committee recently endorsed our HIMS department obtaining personal emails and cell phone numbers of physicians to notify them of medical record deficiencies and/or if they are in jeopardy of temporary suspension as per the requirements of Article IV, Medical Records in General Medical Staff Rules and Regulations. This is a very good change as it will really help us be compliant while continuing to provide patients with the best care.

There are two policies that I feel are particularly important and recently had some changes made to them. The first one has to do with policy #3174 HIPAA: Confidentiality. If a patient requests a physician on Banner’s medical staff, but not on the patient’s case, to view his/her electronic medical record, that can now be done. The patient will need to complete the Authorization to Use or Disclose Protected Health Information form which will authorize the physician to view the record. The physician that is going into the record will need to log in as a reviewer.

The next policy is #13458 Patient Photography, Videotaping, and Other Visual Imaging in the Clinical Setting for Treatment or Training. I feel this policy is especially important in this day and age with the popularity of technology. This policy was created to develop consistencies and guidance to providers when obtaining patient photography for treatment or training. Photographs taken for diagnostic monitoring and/or treatment purposes will be taken with Banner equipment and are considered part of the patient’s medical record. If a photo should be taken for training purposes, this may be taken with personal equipment, however, it is the responsibility of the provider to de-identify image. If photographs are not stored directly with the medical record, a reference to its storage location is required to be noted in the patient’s chart.

I would like to encourage you not to use any personal cell phones or iPads to take photographs while on campus. Putting private patient information at risk of getting shared inappropriately or mishandled is never a good idea. It is our responsibility to ensure our patients receive the best care while they are on the Banner Gateway Campus.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and continued dedication to our patients!

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