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New vision and behaviors announced for Banner Health


In June, President and CEO Peter Fine unveiled important information for Banner Health, including a new vision, new definition of innovation and revamped behavior expectations for employees and leaders at Banner. The new vision defines the goals of our organization for the next five years; while the new behaviors clarify the actions we must demonstrate in order to achieve these goals. Banner’s vision, values and behaviors are below.

“We will be a national leader recognized for clinical excellence and innovation, preferred for a highly coordinated patient experience, and distinguished by the quality of our people.”

People Above All … by treating those we serve with compassion, dignity and respect.

Excellence … by acting with integrity and striving for the highest quality care and service.

Results … by exceeding the expectations of those we serve and those we set for ourselves.

The new behavioral expectations directly align with our values, which evolved from our original nine Performance Standards. The core and leader behaviors provide greater clarity on the specific actions and behaviors that are expected to exemplify our values, achieve our vision and fulfill our nonprofit mission. The new behaviors are listed below.

Core Behaviors


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