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Strategic and Tactical Plan Update


by Chris Price, MD, Chief of Staff
As we wind down towards the end of the year, I want to update you on the strategic and tactical plan for Banner Gateway’s medical staff. Most of our scores are green, meaning that they are above our target.

However, we do still have some targets that are not quite green yet and have not reached our targets. Having scores that are green not only demonstrates we are meeting our target, but shows that our patients are truly getting the best and safest care possible.

I am very pleased to report that two out of the three communication initiatives are green! These new communication initiatives have been a major focus this year as they directly affect the patient experience with us. Communication with physicians and communication regarding medications are meeting target, but as always there is still room for improvement. While the scores for communication with nurses are not meeting the target for the quarter, they were green in the month of October. Please continue to use the tools I have talked about before to effectively manage first impressions, engage patients in two-way conversation and foster an environment of team collaboration. By using these simple tools our scores will keep rising. These initiatives will continue to be a focus in 2012.

The OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and Radiology initiatives are all meeting target and are in the green. Thank you to those physicians who have led the dyad teams for these areas and achieved such success. While I like to focus on those that are meeting target, we also have some that are not quite there yet. Some of the initiatives in the Medicine section are not meeting target including improving non-ICU glucose within range and improving use of ventilator order set. In the Surgery section, the only initiative not meeting target is compliance with first case start. While these are just a few examples, action plans have been created for every initiative that is not currently meeting target to hopefully improve the scores before the year is over.

I know some of these goals are challenging, but if we continue to work collaboratively we can achieve our targets. In the coming months we will be introducing the new strategic goals for 2012. Pam Nenaber, CEO, discusses that in her column included in this issue of Gateway.doc.

Thank you for your work thus far and for your efforts the remainder of the year.

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