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Preparing for your Endoscopy

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Thank you for choosing Banner Gateway Medical Center for your care. Here's how you can prepare for your Endoscopy procedure:

Preparing for your procedure

  • Your physician has scheduled you for a procedure in our Endoscopy department.
  • If your physician has prescribed a preparation prior to your procedure, please be sure to take all of it to ensure your procedure is successful.

Arriving at the hospital

  • Please park in the main parking area on the east side of the hospital and enter at the main entrance.
  • Check in at the Registration department on the first floor.
  • The admitting clerk will greet you and complete your insurance information.
  • If your insurance provider requires a co-payment or deductible, you'll be asked to pay that at this time.
  • The clerk will fasten a hospital ID bracelet around your wrist. Please check that your name and birthdate are correct.
  • You will then go to the second floor lobby to check in for your procedure.

During your procedure

  • We ask that someone who knows and cares for you, stays close by before, during and after your procedure.
  • Please ask one person to stay in the second-floor lobby during your procedure so the doctor or nurse can speak with them if necessary.
  • Your physician will look for your family member or friend when your procedure is complete to let them know how you are doing.
  • Once you are ready to leave, the hospital staff will notify this person so they may take you home.

What to bring

  • Please complete the Medication History Form. If you're not sure how to list a medicine, bring it with you to the hospital in its original container. The hospital pharmacy will supply all medicines you need while you are here, but we need an accurate list of your medications to ensure that the medicines we give you will be safe with those you already take.
  • Your health insurance card.
  • A photo ID such as your driver's license.
  • Your co-pay or deductible.

What to leave at home

  • Jewelry, including your wedding ring and any piercings.
  • Money, checkbook and credit cards. (If you need these for your co-pay or deductible, please ask the person accompanying you to keep these items during your procedure.)
  • Any other valuables such as cell phones, lap tops, etc.

Your personal information is confidential

  • We use your insurance and personal information to prepare your medical record and to verify that your insurance provider will cover some of the cost of your care. Before you come to the hospital, we will be able to answer most of your questions about your hospital bill.
  • You will be asked to pay your co-pay or deductible while you are here. We estimate deductible expenses based on the "usual costs" for specific procedures. If we over-estimate the cost of your care, we will credit your account and send you a refund for the over-billed amount.
  • Banner Health offers financial assistance programs for patients who face financial hardship. Call the Patient Financial Services department at (480) 543-2702 before your scheduled procedure to see if you can take advantage of these programs.
  • Doctors and some other health care providers are not hospital employees. They may send you separate bills for their professional fees. Before your surgery, check with your insurance provider to make sure your policy will cover these fees.

Thank you

Our mission at Banner Health is to make a difference in people's lives through excellent patient care. Please let us know if the care you received at Banner Gateway Medical Center has made a difference in your life. Your comments can help us continue to provide excellent patient care.


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