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Rehabilitation Services


therapyBanner Gateway Medical Center offers an assortment of inpatient rehabilitation services.

From minor deficits to conditions affecting an individual’s ability to live and function independently, Banner Gateway cares for patients with various rehabilitative needs.
Following is a list of rehabilitation therapies offered at Banner Gateway Medical Center:

Occupational Therapy works to improve a patient’s functional daily living skills including dressing, grooming and eating, as well as to improve motor, cognitive and social skills. Occupational therapists also specialize in increasing strength and movement of the hands and upper extremities. They help patients relearn functional tasks in different ways and instruct them in the use of adaptive equipment that may make daily tasks easier. Our therapists are also able to fabricate custom splints for hands and upper extremities, to improve function and stability of the hand and wrist.

Physical Therapy helps patients achieve maximum independence and mobility by improving strength, flexibility and functional movement such as bed mobility, walking and balance. Physical therapists provide mobility evaluation and training, and also can instruct patients on the use of assistive devices, orthotics, prosthetics and wheelchairs.

  • Orthopedic Therapy: Our physical therapists provide interventions and develop individualized treatment plans to address deficits in range of motion, strength, ambulation and overall mobility after a patient has received a total joint replacement surgery.
  • Wound Care: Our physical therapists provide innovative wound care including low frequency, non-contact, non-thermal ultrasound to promote healing and decrease the bacteria in the wound. This treatment helps to decrease the healing time needed and is especially valuable with our diabetic patient population.

Speech Therapy, also referred to as speech pathology, uses special techniques to help patients improve their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, problem-solving abilities, concentration, memory and voice quality. Certified speech therapists/pathologists also can help patients with swallowing disorders, known as dysphagia, to improve their ability to safely eat and drink. We provide modified barium swallow studies and fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing for patients that are experiencing difficulty swallowing.

  • Modified Barium Swallow Studies are completed to evaluate the ability to swallow safely. This test is used to determine if food or liquid is entering the airway (aspiration) and assists our therapists in determining what diet consistencies are safe. This procedure is completed in our radiology department, where a patient might be asked to eat and drink various types of foods and liquids which contain barium. Using x-ray, our therapists are able to visualize what occurs before, during, and after the swallow. There is no preparation required for this study, and we provide same-day results to our referring physicians.
  • Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing is a nasoendoscopic procedure that allows for direct visualization of the velopharynx, oropharynx, pharynx, and larynx. This procedure involves passing a small camera on a flexible tube (referred to as an endoscope) through the nose and into the throat. This allows for the therapist to assess for a number of swallowing abnormalities, and can help to determine if food or liquid is entering the airway and what foods or liquids are safest for you. There is no preparation required for this study, and we provide same-day results to our referring physicians.
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