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rebecca keller, rn

Rebecca Keller, RN, Interventional Radiology


While many people complain about not having a life because of their work, Rebecca Keller knows she is living her life largely because of her job.

On June 16, 2010, Keller, an Interventional Radiology (IR) nurse at Banner Good Samaritan, stood up after eating lunch with her co-workers and experienced numbness in her face and left side of her body. A split-second later, she collapsed.

In the right place at the right time, Keller was rushed to the Emergency department where a CT scan of her head revealed that, at the age of 31, she was having a stroke.

“I kind of knew I was having a stroke all along, but you can’t really wrap your head around it because it’s happening to you,” Keller said.

Once it was clear that Keller’s symptoms were caused by a stroke, the Banner Good Samaritan Stroke Team, lead by Dr. Jeremy Payne, was immediately called to the scene.

The Stroke Team is a quick-response team of stroke specialists which takes prompt action when a stroke is suspected within the facility. Due to the level of care provided by the Stroke Team, the Joint Commission has certified Banner Good Samaritan as a Primary Stroke Center.

As Keller was being prepped to undergo a procedure to remove the clots in her brain, in the very department where she works no less, she knew firsthand that she was in good hands. She had assisted on countless procedures just like this one. She had worked side-by-side with the IR nurses, techs and Dr. David Wood, interventional radiologist, on many occasions.

“Despite being scared out of my mind, I was confident because my life was in the hands of the smartest, most talented people I’ve ever met,” Keller said.

Upon waking after the procedure, Keller said that aside from a little numbness on the tip of her tongue, she felt as if the stroke had never happened. To the surprise of her doctors, she was walking and talking with no difficulty the very next day – undoubtedly a testament to the immediate medical care she received. 

 “I am a complete success story, and extremely, extremely lucky,” she said gratefully.

Other than some increased intensity in the migraines she has endured since before her stroke, Keller has made a complete and remarkable recovery.

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