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In honor of Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center's 100th Anniversary, here are some historical facts that you may not have known about the hospital:

  • The hospital was established on October 18, 1911 as the Arizona Deaconess Hospital and Home.
  • The hospital is older than the State of Arizona by almost 4 months.
  • It was started by Miss Lulu Clifton, a Methodist Deaconess.
  • Miss Lulu, a tuberculosis victim, came to Phoenix from Nebraska in early 1900 against the advice of her physician who didn't think she could survive the trip.
  • Miss Lulu passed away on April 30, 1959 at the age of 90.
  • Miss Lulu wanted to provide suitable accommodations, nursing, medical and surgical treatment of any person suffering from any physical disability, irrespective of sex, color, race, religious belief or economic circumstance.
  • The original Deaconess Hospital, was a rented structure at the Carol Apartments on 3rd Avenue, South of Van Buren Street in Downtown Phoenix.
  • In 1913, property was acquired at 10th Street and McDowell (the hospital's current location) for $20,000.
  • There were 20 beds in the original hospital.  Now there are 662.
  • Janet Lowe was the first baby born at then Arizona Deaconess Hospital in 1923.
  • The hospital became “Good Samaritan” in 1928 when Supporter George Hebard Maxwell agreed to pick up half of $125,000 in bonds if the hospital changed its name to Good Samaritan.
  • More than 1400 students were trained as nurses from Good Samaritan’s School of Nursing from 1922 until 1973.
  • In 1964, Good Samaritan opened a non-medical service - A laundry that also serviced St. Luke’s and John C. Lincoln Hospitals.
  • When Good Samaritan opened the Newborn Intensive Care Unit in 1964, Arizona went from 40th in infant mortality to fifth within 10 years.
  • Good Samaritan has recorded a number of Arizona firsts:
    • Open-heart surgery 1947
    • Kidney transplant (Violet Lopez) 1969
    • Liver transplant 1983
    • Artificially conceived quadruplets (Lindberg Quads) 1986 
  • Among the hundreds of thousands of babies born at the hospital was singer Stevie Nicks!
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