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Acts of Kindness


Brenda Donovan
A recent assignment consisted of caring for a young patient who had been in the hospital for four weeks. After taking time to get to know my patient, I knew she wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather she had missed over the last few weeks. The patient was scheduled to be transferred to a skilled nursing facility the following day, so I knew her condition was stable. I decided to surprise her and take her and her family outside to the Healing Garden where she could feel the warmth of the sun on her face. As we entered the garden, her eyes brightened and a smile appeared. Her family took photos of her to send to other family members. This not only improved the spirit of my patient, but also lifted the spirits of family members as well. You never realize the impact of a simple gesture until you actually do it.

— Brenda Ann Donovan, RN, BSN
1AB Progressive Care Unit
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