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Christine Barber
I attended military school in my teens. During my sophomore year, I chose to work at the base’s military hospital. In this small environment, I rotated to different departments in the hopes of learning a variety of skills. I learned to work in the lab -- the old-fashion way with a microscope. I gave shots to babies, ran EKGs and assisted doctors performing pelvic exams. I ended up working in the Emergency department, doing night duty on the airstrip. I was accepted as one of the regular staff by this group of hard-working nurses and doctors.

It was here, in a small hospital, I gained the experience of a lifetime. I continued to work there until I was 18 years old. The knowledge proved invaluable and I will forever cherish the gift I was given all those years ago. It decided the course of my life. I now work in the Emergency room and return the favor to the young recruits coming up the ranks.

— Christine Barber, RN
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