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Denielle Headley

I’m four years old - taking my sister’s temperature with a Popsicle stick, and listening to her heartbeat with a stethoscope made from braided yarn and a wooden spool. I’m wearing a white nursing cap with red trim made out of construction paper. I didn’t know then that this simple act of play would one day become my passion and my profession.

Nursing has been a passion in my family for generations. Although my grandmother was not formally trained in nursing, she worked as a nursing assistant at a local nursing home and would often tell my father that if she could have gone to school it would have been for nursing. My grandmother continued her passion for nursing by raising a future nurse, my aunt, who worked for thirtysome years as an oncology nurse while raising a family. My aunt continued the family tradition---raising a daughter who became an ICU nurse. I tried pre-med for a short time in college but my family tradition for nursing won out. I’m now a Med/Surg intensive care nurse educator, and I love my chosen profession.

It’s my turn to pass on the passion for nursing not only to my children some day but to the many new grads, seasoned nurses, and student nurses whom I have the privilege to teach on a regular basis.

— Denielle Headley RN, BSN, CCRN
Med/Surg ICU Educator
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