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The Nurse and Mr. W


Sylvia Crews
Oncology nurses form close lasting relationships with their patients and families. I’ve cared for Mr. W., a bone marrow patient, for the past two weeks. This is his second transplant and he is not doing well. I wanted to do something special for the patient and his dad.

Mr. W. and I both share a love for NASCAR motor racing. While providing his care one Sunday as he was watching the race, we began to talk and he shared with me his lifelong dream to attend a nighttime Bristol race in Tennessee. He and his dad had always wanted to go but never were able to get tickets. Being a NASCAR fan myself, I wanted to make his dream a reality. I’m from Charlotte (N.C.) and have numerous contacts in the racing industry. I talked with public relations in Bristol and told them all about the patient and his dream. They offered to help with two tickets, travel, and hotel and as an extra surprise he will get to meet his favorite driver, Kasey Kahne.

— Sylvia Crews
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