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Two Loves


Angie Phillips
I began my nursing career quite by accident. I was a recent high school graduate (1993) who needed a job, and a nearby nursing home was hiring nursing assistants and offering to pay for their training. I thought this opportunity would provide valuable experience even though my long-term goal was to receive a teaching degree. I soon became a CNA and worked with a variety of wonderful nurses and patients.

One RN in particular, Dottie, told me that I would make a wonderful nurse if I ever chose that path. She said I could always switch over to teaching later in my career. My job as a CNA grew on me, as did the connection I had with my patients and their families. I soon decided to change my major and was accepted into the nursing program at Wright State University. During that time, I worked in the hospital as an ICU tech. I seemed to gravitate toward the intensive care units filled with challenging patients and devoted nurses — a place where I felt I made a difference.

During my career, I’ve witnessed joys and sadness, but through it all I have enjoyed my job and hope to pass on what I have learned to others. Dottie would be proud to know that I am now adjunct faculty for the Banner Fellows Program. For a high school graduate who went shopping for a summer job before beginning college, I found my niche and was lucky enough to combine two loves — nursing and teaching.

— Angie Phillips RN, MSN, CCRN
Banner Faculty/ICU Nurse
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