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Aug. 6: Guest Blog - Dr. Steven Brown

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Did you know that Banner Good Samaritan was ranked in the Top 20 nationally in 2012 in the number of primary care graduates? 

As we move toward a more value-based system where we are accountable for the health of a population, we need to be able to train and recruit the best primary care physicians.

Fortunately, at Banner Good Sam, we already have an excellent Family Medicine Program. A team led by Dr. Steven Brown trains eight residents a year who come from all over the country.

As we talk about the Possibilities of being national leaders in the area of Primary Care,I would like to introduce you to the words of our Family Medicine Program Director, Dr. Brown, below, and resident Dr. Bhuyan, in a separate post. Let’s listen to their stories of how they contribute to the vision of Good Sam every day ...

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.


Residency program plays key role in the future of family medicine in Arizona

By Steven R. Brown, MD, program director, Banner Good Samaritan Family Medicine Residency

Dr. Steve Brown imageThe excellence of Banner Good Samaritan is due in large part to its role as an Academic Medical Center. Our hospital is one of the largest and best-known teaching hospitals in the Southwest. 

Many of our patients are cared for by resident physicians and fellows who train in multiple specialties. These residents and fellows, who also work with medical students, are supervised by faculty (teaching) physicians. Our faculty members are selected for their excellence in teaching, patient care and scholarly activity. A recent push in medical education has renewed the focus on high-quality, patient-centered, and — above all — safe care. Good Sam’s emphasis on superior teaching and patient care helps make our hospital a special place.

This month, I traveled with five of our residents and a fellow faculty member to a national meeting of family medicine residents and students in Kansas City, MO. At this meeting, our residents helped to develop policy for the American Academy of Family Physicians, advocated for excellent primary care, and met medical students from across the country. Our residency is fortunate to recruit nationally.

A diverse group of residents joins our program every year to help provide excellent care at Good Sam. In the last three years alone, our residents have come from medical schools in Hawaii, Maryland, Tennessee, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and California. We also continue to matriculate the best and brightest from Arizona medical schools. These young physicians are the future of primary care for Banner Health and for Arizona.

Superior primary care is essential for a high-functioning health system. Banner Health is working hard to expand the role of primary care in order to provide high-value care throughout our system. Primary care is defined by the 5 “Cs”:

  • Coordinated care
  • Comprehensive care
  • First-contact care and accessibility
  • Continuity
  • Community and family context

Every American of any age needs a generalist primary care doctor. Family physicians provide the majority of primary care in the United States. Our residents become generalist experts by caring for adult, geriatric and pediatric patients. They work in inpatient, outpatient and emergency settings, and they deliver babies. Surgical and procedural medicine (both office and hospital-based) and women’s health are also important parts of family medicine training.

Family physicians play a unique role in our health system. The 2004 “Future of Family Medicine Project” described key attributes of family physicians. These include the following:

  • A deep understanding of the dynamics of the whole person; integrating rather than fragmenting care
  • Participation in the birth, growth and death of patients and a desire to make a difference in their lives, including help with behavior change
  • A talent for humanizing the health care experience
  • A natural command of complexity

Additionally, our program emphasizes evidence-based, patient-centered care.

Our faculty is proud to play a key role in recruiting, developing, supporting and training the future of family medicine for Arizona.

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