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July 22: Contributing to the Place of Possibilities

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As I sit here on a Monday afternoon, thankful for the great privilege of helping lead this amazing hospital, I realize that the real secret to our success is very simple.

Basically, it’s about having highly engaged employees who want to CONTRIBUTE to who we are today and who we want to be. It’s about every engaged employee deserving a Great Leader. So, if we really are going to become our Destiny — the next truly Great Hospital of the Southwestern United States in a new Academic Medical Center — each of us should ask ourselves these simple questions:

  • Do I have a great Leader — one that empowers me to grow and improve every day?
  • Am I engaged, and how am I contributing to this Place of Possibility?

We had our first Town Halls this past week. Thanks for all who could attend. It was a great opportunity to have a thoughtful dialogue of what I’ve learned about Banner Good Sam in my brief time here and what is our Vision as we move forward.

There was great dialogue about what the unique contributions of Banner Good Samaritan are and how we can leverage these strengths to further elevate and differentiate Banner Health.

Simply put, it is time to begin a very focused journey where we will integrate our excellent medical education programs, scholarly activity and high-level tertiary/quaternary care and create Institutes. These Institutes will tell our “story” in a highly coordinated, patient-centered way to any patient in the Southwest and across the country who wants to experience the highest level of care for key clinical areas.

This past week, we had the pleasure of Kathy Bollinger, President of Arizona West, to kick off our planning meeting where our leadership team described the process of how we launch several Advisory Councils that will develop focused strategy and business.

We also had several Banner hospital CEOs in the audience along with a group of physician leaders, demonstrating a commitment to a collaborative strategy to leverage Banner Good Samaritan to develop a highly differentiated Academic Product that can add value to all of Banner Health.

Stay tuned for more details … later this month we will be chartering the first four of these councils: Transplant;  Neurosciences; Cardiovascular; and Women and Infant’s Health.

As we position ourselves for future growth at Banner Good Samaritan, we must continue to focus on some key items.

Below are five areas that I need each of your help on:

Focus on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety:
Talk to your senior manager, director or Anita Hancock and Paul Stander and join a Process Improvement Team to help prevent the next central line infection, ventilator associated pneumonia, pressure ulcer, fall, readmission and any other harmful events to your patients.

Focus on the Patient Experience: Each and every one of us is responsible for our patient's experience and we need to deliver high quality care along the best possible experience at EVERY interaction.

Focus on Productivity: It is important to manage your unit’s productivity at the highest level.
Focus on Length of Stay: Everybody working as ONE team to make sure that all barriers are broken so that every patient is discharged safely at the right time. We need to avoid ALL avoidable delays.

Focus on Supply Savings: Work with Dave, Noah and our supply team to remove waste and find savings in better management of our supplies.

OK — looks like it’s time for my next meeting. Looking forward to more conversations with each one of you as we put the pieces of the puzzle together … this magical puzzle called Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center ...

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

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