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Feb. 11: Aligning Goals

Steve Narang  

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there".

These words by Lewis Carroll certainly ring true. In this complex, ever-changing health care environment, organizations that can ensure complete alignment of every individual goal with common structures and strategies can achieve their vision. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Our Vision at BGSMC revolves around two key themes:

  • We will be nationally recognized as a highly reliable organization known for performance improvement.
  • We will be nationally recognized for offering highly coordinated, complex, differentiated care with a foundation of outstanding teaching and scholarship in our GME programs.

To achieve our first theme, we are committed to a structured goal-setting process for 2014 and beyond that aligns each of your goals with departmental, facility and system goals.

Along with the system strategic initiatives that we can influence at BGSMC, we have also identified facility-specific goals. We also committed to one overall BGSMC facility goal that will help us accomplish all our goals from a system and facility level: building a foundation of Performance Improvement:

Goal Statement:  We will build a foundation for performance improvement at BGSMC through the:
1- Creation of facility level infrastructure to support improvement projects (Q1),
2- Identification of at least one PI project by the Department Director at the unit/department level that utilizes the tools of performance improvement and aligns to the system or facility initiatives/goals (Q2), and
3- Education of at least 50% of BGSMC employees on performance improvement so they can actively use the language and tools on projects in which they are involved.

Each of us will work to formally commit to your individual goal and align it appropriately with your department, facility and system goals as appropriate.

Our HR team, led by Beth Steiner, is available to answer any questions on this process. Take a look at some anticipated and answers to help you in this process:

Question: I am not sure I am clear on how to align my department and employees goals to the facility goal.

  Please see the attached goal setting template designed for you to copy and paste. For the facility goal you will find the meets/exceeds target defined for you as a leader and for your employee. If you use this for yourself, you would delete the facility and employee measures and just leave the leader measure.   Please review and see if this helps clarify the process.

Question: So how do my employees align their goals? I am not sure I am clear on that.

Answer: Their first goal would be aligned to our facility goal with a measure around attending education and participating in a project. Their second goal would be how they will support your department goal around your PI project.

Question: Okay, I think I understand what I need to do, but would love a bit more feedback and support. Who should I go to?

  You have a few options.  1)  Connect with your HR Consultant for feedback/review, 2) Attend a drop in Q&A Sessions at Good Sam (email Ashley McCausland for dates if you would like to attend) or 3) Attend a virtual Q&A session by searching  key word Goal Setting Workshop in the BLC and registering. For either the live or virtual session bring your goal to the meeting where you can choose to listen in or present your goal to the class to receive on the spot feedback from your peers and a facilitator.  

Finally, we are asking for all Department Directors to turn in their goal to their performance management liaison. Doing this allows us to know if teams are working towards the same goal and our PI mentors can help them work together.

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.


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