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Aug. 9: Guest blog by Catherine Moseley

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Hi. I hope everyone had a week full of contributions in making new Possibilities at Good Sam. Today, I wanted to introduce Catherine Moseley from the Talent and Organizational Effectiveness department and her story as she shadowed Dominique Villalba from the Banner Good Sam Transport department. As you all know, it takes ONE TEAM working with each other to deliver the right care to the right patient for the right reason at the right time …

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

From Hospitality to Health Care
By Catherine Moseley

Question: How does a brand new Banner Corporate employee immerse herself into the health care world after having spent 25 years as a hotelier?

Dominique Villalba imageAnswer: Shadow front-line facility health care professionals during their shift to learn about what they do and how they do it.

Reflections: As I thought through where my first shadow assignment should be, the Transport department was the first department to come to mind. The Transport teams needs to know every department, nook and cranny in the hospital. They also know most employees since they are in and out of departments every shift. What better way to learn my way around a large, historic hospital.

Crystal Peterson, Transport department manager told me she had the perfect person for me to shadow, and she was RIGHT!

Dominique Villalba is a transporter and has been in her role for two years. She performs her duties with personal high standards of cleanliness and sanitation; removing her gloves several times during each interaction and washing down the equipment and herself frequently. Her warmth and easy-going nature ensures friendly conversation with whomever she comes into contact. 

Dominique was quick to introduce me to staff members in other departments who started their health care career in the Transport department. She pointed out many locations in the hospital, including the morgue – who knew?

Her brother is also a transporter and her aunts work at Banner Boswell, so Banner is a “family affair” for Dominique.

The first thing that struck me about the role of the Transporter is just how physical the job is. Moving patients to and from beds, pushing them around on gurneys and wheelchairs is plenty tough. Adding in the miles they travel to the equation, this job puts a DVD boot camp workout to shame. After shadowing Dominique, I had to soak my tired feet.

I was struck by the efficiency required in transporting patients and the details that must be covered during each transaction, with transporters communicating with Dispatch (who remind me of an air traffic control operation) by pager and checking in and out with every patient move. Communication between the transporters and dispatch is a key element of the seamless movement I observed. During my shift, before we even completed a patient transport, the pager was going off for the next assignment.

After my shift with Dominique, my respect for and knowledge of the role she plays in making our patients comfortable is immense. I learned along the way that Dominique is studying to be a doctor. I know she will be excellent in that role.

Thank you to the Transport Team for increasing my awareness and knowledge about the behind the scenes impact they have on our patients and staff. Taking time from our busy lives to shadow other departments can only increase understanding and respect for other roles in this complex industry and help us understand how we all fit into the “exceeding external and internal customer expectations” puzzle.

Now, off to my shadow shift in the ICU!

Catherine Moseley is a new program director in the Talent & Organizational Effectiveness department, reporting to Senior Director Lisa Robinson. Catherine left a career in the hospitality industry to join Banner Health six weeks ago.

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