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May 3: GME Program


GME Program

I was invited today to speak to the Medicine Grand Round at Banner Good Samaritan. I was so excited to be around a group of such dedicated learners and teachers, all committed to improving the care of patients at Banner Good Sam.

I clearly believe that the soul of any great hospital lies in their GME programs. It is what makes Banner Good Sam so unique in Arizona. The opportunity to teach is what attracts the best physicians in the country to join Banner Good Sam. That, in turn, brings patients from all over the country.

It is no coincidence that the Top 20 hospitals in America, according to US News & World Report, all have Graduate Medical Education programs.

Why is that?

Well, simply put, world-renowned clinical/academic programs are built by great physicians and great physicians are often attracted by environments where there is a culture of inquiry and scholarship and learning.

Banner Goog Sam with its Magnet program and residency programs is exactly that. In this market,  this is our unique value proposition. 

Before I spoke, I had the privilege of listening to Dr. Cheryl O’Malley, a dynamic faculty member who is the program director of Banner Good Sam's Internal Medicine Program. I was struck by her focus on Quality Improvement.

Too many times we hear how it is difficult for hospitals with academic programs to deliver high value and efficient care compared to hospitals without residents. I disagree. I always believe that it’s about leadership and culture in any hospital that determines performance.

Dr. O’ Malley and her team are clearly demonstrating this. Their academic Internal Medicine service has clearly demonstrated a focus on improvement, as evidenced by their dramatically improving patient experience and discharge timelines. Thank you for contributing to the Possibility of Improvement at Banner Good Samaritan.

I also learned about the University of Arizona Academic Excellence Day. What amazing contributions by our Banner Good Sam Internal Medicine residents.

This is part of our uniqueness. This culture of Improvement and Inquiry is what attracts not only the best residents and faculty, but patients from far and wide, to this Place of Possibility called Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

What a week and what a privilege to be able to tell the Banner Good Sam Story. Richard Bach, an author, once wrote, “If you argue for your limitations, they are yours.”

We have no limitations. This is our Blue Ocean. The Possibilities are endless. I look forward to more stories of contribution.

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

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