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June 14: Guest blog by Beth Stiner

Beth Stiner  

Dear Friends,

I would like to introduce to you Beth Stiner, our Chief Human Resources Officer, who is also Banner Health’s Senior Director for Talent and Organizational Effectiveness. We are so fortunate and delighted to have her contribute to our leadership team at Banner Good Samaritan. Today she has submitted a guest blog on her perspective on what’s possible in the Banner Journey at Banner Good Samaritan. Thank you Beth for your contributions…

Steve Narang, MD, is CEO at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Your Banner Journey … what’s possible?

When I think of Banner Good Sam as a “Place of Possibilities,” I think of the opportunities our employees have to grow their careers on our campus and across the Banner system. I joined Banner Good Sam as the Interim Chief Human Resources Officer in late April, and during my first few weeks here I was struck by the number of employees who told me about the opportunities they had been given to step into leadership positions for the first time, or a stretch assignment in support of their development goals, or about simply feeling more supported to learn and grow at Banner Good Sam than they had ever felt in their careers.

Ashley McCausland, administrative assistant, shared, “Since coming to Good Sam, I have a totally new outlook on Banner. The environment as a whole at Good Sam is amazing. Everyone is friendly and helpful and there is a positive feel in the atmosphere. Since I have been at Good Sam (April 2013) more than one person has asked me what my goals are within Banner, what I was doing to reach them and what they could do to help in that process.”

Penny Baker, director of nursing for Emergency and Trauma Services, began her Banner journey at Banner Desert as a staff nurse on the night shift. She decided to pursue leadership opportunities and quickly moved from relief charge, to clinical manager and then interim Sr. Clinical Manager in the ED. When the ED Director position opened at Banner Good Sam, Penny shared, “I did not think they would even entertain the possibility of an interview since I had no prior ED Director experience, but I imagined the possibilities and I prayed for the best. I was asked to come to Banner Good Samaritan in an interim role. I was truly humbled by the opportunity and excited about the possibilities. I will be forever grateful to both Colleen Hallberg and Davey Ellison for seeing my potential. I am now the permanent ED Director and look forward to many, many more growth opportunities that are to come.”

Lori D’Ambrosio, RN director, 12ABCD Hematology/Oncology/Infusion Center, started her career at Banner Good Samaritan 11 years ago as case manager for oncology. Upon joining the Banner oncology team, she felt an immediate connection with the patient population and the staff of the oncology unit and wanted to play a larger role in helping these patients on their journey.

Lori shared, “In less than a year, I was offered the opportunity to work with our oncology patients in an expanded capacity as a transplant coordinator for the Bone Marrow Transplant Program. During my time in the transplant coordinator role, I took advantage of Banner’s Tuition Assistance Program to further my education, enrolling in an MBA program and completing my coursework two years later. I met with my leader to discuss my career plans. She invested herself in my growth, presenting me with stretch assignments and other growth opportunities that included roles in business development, as a senior clinical manager, and an interim role as CNO for a critical-access Banner facility in rural Nebraska. These opportunities shaped me as a leader, demonstrated the value of the talent mapping process, and proved the possibilities that exist within Banner when you make your intentions known to others.”

Inspired? I hope so. I hope these stories cause you to pause for a moment and think, “What possibilities do I want to create for my career at Banner Health?”  Banner is a growing organization with endless opportunities to advance your career. We are fortunate to have some great resources to support you in your journey, from your local HR team that can talk with you about career paths, to the leadership development programs we offer, to benefits like our tuition assistance program.

If you have a goal, we can help you achieve it. I encourage you to take ownership for your career and talk with your immediate supervisor about your interests and career goals.

Thanks to Ashley, Lori and Penny for sharing their stories with us. I look forward to hearing your story!

Ashley McCausland
Name:  Ashley McCausland, administrative assistant

How have you grown your career at Banner?
I started my career at Banner Boswell in the emergency department as a HUC. I applied for the Administrative Assistant opening here at Banner Good Samaritan and was offered the position.
What three words would you use to describe your career path since joining Banner/Good Sam?
Enthusiastic, Positive and Driven
What advice would you give someone interested in growing their career at Banner?
Get plugged in, find someone to look up to and discuss your future plans with.

Lori D'Ambrosio
Name:  Lori D’Ambrosio, RN director, 12ABCD Hematology/Oncology/Infusion Center

What made it possible for you to be successful in your journey at Banner?
Leaders who are committed to mentoring and growing the next generation of leaders and a structured talent mapping process.
What advice would you give someone interested in growing their career at Banner?
Take the opportunity to network and to make your aspirations known to your colleagues, managers, and HR partners. Opportunities present themselves in a variety of ways — you don’t want to miss an opportunity because others aren’t aware of your desire to be challenged and to grow.

Penny Baker
Name: Penny Baker, director of nursing for Emergency and Trauma Services

What made it possible for you to be successful in your journey at Banner?
The size of the organization has allowed for many opportunities. If one has the desire, an opportunity will present itself. I would also have to say the structures and processes Banner has in place are pretty robust compared to other organizations. This allows for consistency in practice.
What advice would you give someone interested in growing their career at Banner?
Be real.  Be true to yourself and who you are. Stand up for the things you believe in, but know what hills you are willing to die upon. Watch and learn from other leaders. Learn how they communicate and make adjustments to your leadership style accordingly, so that you are always building and fostering relationships. Collaboration is key to success. Finally, understand your weaknesses. Surround yourself with people who have different strengths than yourself, those that will complement your weaknesses. They say it takes a whole village to raise a child. Running a department is no different. Do not be afraid to ask for help and to tap into the strength in your team.


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