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Jan. 9: Clinicians need to lead Clinical Consensus Groups

Steve Narang  

Dear Friends,

As we witness the transformation of health care, with a focus on reducing variation and improving patient outcomes, I wanted to share a thoughtful TED presentation on this topic.

As you view this TED presentation, think about this:

Ask “why” five times when we decide to admit a patient, order a test or procedure, call a consultant or order an antibiotic.

One reason Banner Health is nationally recognized as a leading Clinical Quality company is our infrastructure around Care Management. We have Clinical Consensus Groups of each medical specialty that meet daily to discuss ways to improve patient outcomes.

Banner Good Samaritan needs to have its Clinicians lead these Clinical Consensus Groups to achieve our vision of being a nationally recognized Academic Medical Center known for delivering highly coordinated, value-based differentiated complex care.
This is a challenge to all of our physicians and Clinical Providers: What specialty are you passionate about? Can you make an impact on improving clinical outcomes?

Whether it’s hospital medicine, emergency medicine, critical care, neurology, cardiology, orthopedics, pediatric, there is a Clinical Consensus Group waiting for your leadership and input. Please contact myself or Dr. Paul Stander for more information.

Again, please take a few minutes to listen to this TED talk and challenge yourself to be part of an Improvement team to lead change. Also at BGSMC, if you have an idea for improvement, go to the “ad” on BGSMC’s front page Intranet page, labeled “Creating a Place of Possibility”— click on that and send us your ideas.

Remember this is your hospital, your Good Sam, your Place of Possibilities…where you can impact the lives of patients we serve.

Thank you for all your contributions and have an amazing day here at Banner Good Samaritan.

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.


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