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March 11: Dear Banner Good Sam

Steve Narang  

It’s letters like this that capture our "why" at Banner Good Samaritan. Patients travel far and wide to experience your incredible care. As always, it’s the little things that make a big difference. It’s how each of one of us takes the time to care for our patients as if they were our own family, neighbors and friends. Take a moment, pause and read the letter below. Now ask yourself — what can you contribute so this type of experience is what every patient experiences every day at Good Sam? So many possibilities. Thank you.

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

"Though it is a long way from my home in Cornville, AZ I am thankful that I made the trip to your ER. I knew if I was admitted I wanted to be at a hospital awarded Magnet Status for outstanding nursing services. I was admitted by Dr. Horonenko. It was our first meeting, but not our last, as I decided it was worth the effort to get to Phoenix to have him as my pulmonologist and to be followed by Dr. Yu as well for the pseudomonas lung infection which is now treated via PICC. Daily, Dr. Channis answered my questions clearly as data became available.

"Now for the real reason I am writing you. Congratulations  to your outstanding nursing staff. From the ER nurses (unfortunately, I did not write down names of the great nurses in that department) to the nurses caring for me throughout my stay on 8B, I am thankful not only for their kind and competent care, but for giving me a renewed sense of pride in my profession.  To be more specific I recall the following experiences.

"Kristin: As for the PICC line, my home care nurse raves about how well it is placed and the ease ofthe infusion. I believe the PICC nurse's name is Kristin. She knew I was very nervous and asked if I wanted to follow the procedure on the monitors.  I did and her attention to detail throughout the procedure put me at east. Please thank her for me.

"Marisol: She was my nurse a couple of days and her calm manner was reassuring. She gave clear information when asked, gave medications on time, and has excellent interpersonal skills. She offered aromatherapy to combat some noxious odors - it worked.  On my discharge day I was not able to walk out due to a large box of IV supplies and she came into my room and wheeled my out.  As a manager that day, she saw a job to be done and did it.  I believe the skill set I've mentioned would make her a great fill time manager.

"Alexis: A gentle nurse who kept me updated about tests on my first couple of days. She was also an instructive mentor to Lisa (a student nurse).  If there is any way you can find out who 'Lisa' is I want to thank her for her extraordinary compassion in my tearful state after Bronchoscopy and prior to Echocardiogram.

"Theresa: My night nurse the first few days. What a quietly competent nurse she is.

"Patricia: I trusted her enough to share my fear of PICC insertion. She offered to stay with me for the procedure; however, it was not inserted during her shift.

"Roger: Based on my description of pulse rate changes he checked for postural hypotension. Good job Roger.

"Everyone who came into my room - nurses, cleaning staff, nursing aides, respiratory therapy - greeted me, explained his/her role and never left the room without asking if there was anything I needed and not hesitate to ring for them.

"Home care plans were made and I was kept informed as to who exactly would provide home meds and nursing care for PICC instruction. Most impressed with discharge planning as that was a significant concern as I live over 100 miles from hospital.

"Based on my personal experience (and that is all I have) Veronica and Ursula, you are instrumental in the fine care I received. Needless to say, I'm an observant critic while also being an appreciative recipient of care.

"I would greatly appreciate it if you would please forward the enclosed note to the emergency department to express my thanks."


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