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May 5: Getting to Know Jenny Nguyen

Steve Narang  

"Leadership Matters.” In these complex times in health care these words could not be truer, and in some ways, there is no more complex a place in a hospital than the Perioperative department. We could not be more fortunate to have the talents and expertise of Jenny Nguyen helping lead our teams in this critical department. As we continue to transform Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center into a leading teaching hospital in the Southwest — highly differentiated for delivering value-based, complex care — the success of our Perioperative department in delivering consistently reliable, effective, safe, efficient and timely care is critical to our future.

It all starts with engagement and outstanding leadership. With that said, let’s learn more about Jenny and her journey to Banner Good Sam. With her leadership we look forward to many possibilities of growth, improvement and continuing engagement in our Perioperative department. Thanks Jenny.

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center

Joining Good Sam's Perioperative team

By Jenny Nguyen, Perioperative director

I came to Arizona with my husband of nine years and our six-year-old son when my husband’s company relocated him permanently one year ago from Colorado. We are learning to enjoy the outdoors here and we are truly enjoying the state and what it has to offer.

Prior to our move, I was at the University of Colorado Hospital where I had started as a nurse intern, being a scrub tech in the department. I graduated nursing school from University of Colorado and began the New Grad residency program. I then moved my way into a leadership position prior to coming to Arizona.

When moving here I was immediately drawn to Banner Good Sam after my first phone interview because of the energy I felt and the excitement about where they were going in the future. I came to Phoenix for an interview and from that point forward I was hooked and truly wanted to come and be a part of this team.

I knew there were things to overcome, challenges that would present themselves and hard work ahead, but the people that I had the pleasure of meeting were outstanding. I have been with Banner Good Sam for 11 months now and I know we are on the right track in Perioperative Services to knock everyone’s socks off! 

I have the privilege of being a part of a team that is growing together, learning together and stepping outside of the box to give our customers an extraordinary experience every time they are at our facility. I have the pleasure of working with a staff that not only comes to me with problems, but is beginning to come with suggestions and solutions to those problems, which is a sign of a new day!

It is wonderful to work in a facility that was willing to invest time into me and allow me the opportunity to serve in the director role. I believe that no one is perfect, we are all learning every day but we do need to continue to challenge ourselves, challenge our beliefs and remind ourselves constantly that we come to work every day to take great care of people. I am looking forward to growing in my new role, watching our team grow together and ultimately a long relationship with Banner.

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