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May 7: Culture of Caring

Steve Narang  

When people ask me to describe the culture of Good Sam, I smile and simply say, "It’s all about the people who choose to work here. They pass other hospitals on the way to work to commit to caring for the most complex patients and to give them part of themselves every day to improve the lives of others.” Our culture is simply about caring. No matter how complex the delivery of health care has become, ultimately it’s the little things that bring meaning to our patients' lives.   Little things that you do every day to make sure our patients feel cared for.

Below are a few letters I’ve received that clearly describe this culture of caring at Banner Good Sam. Thank you as always for your contributions that make anything Possible here ...

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

“Dear Dr. Narang,  I want to let you know that I was recently admitted through your emergency room and was subsequently in your hospital for four days. You should know that my experience was incredibly positive.  The ER doc, Jeffrey Schwartz(?) was incredible. I was then moved to a room where I was attended to by the best nurses that I have ever encountered.  Your nurses actually feel lucky to work at Good Sam and feel that they are with the best hospital there is. They are engaged, professional, caring and just wonderful people. One held me during the night when I thought I was going to choke to death I was coughing so hard. Another held my hand during an attack. I have put my comments about some of these nurses on your comment cards and nominated them for a 'Daisy award.'  Whoever manages your nursing staff should get kudos."

"I know a little about hospitals as I am on the Foundation Board of our hospital in Santa Fe. We have taken an apt in Scottsdale for winters and I was just moving in when struck with pneumonia. How fortunate I was that someone directed me to your hospital! 

"I then was referred to a wonderful group of docs at AMS.  What a terrific group they are!!!

"I am very lucky to have found my way to your hospital and I congratulate you on such a wonderful group of professionals you have."

"I was asked to visit with the family of  Mr. X. They wanted to speak to someone to let them know about the wonderful and comforting staff we have here at Good Sam.
"The family was in the 7th floor waiting room which had been set aside for them, they had brought in the cart with beverages and food for them and there must have been at least 20 family members.
"The family stated that from the time Mr. X arrived to our hospital they could not believe the care and compassion that was given to him and the family.   They stated that in the first five minutes of him arriving, the nurse and surgeon came in and spoke to her letting her know about the dx and the plan of care; she also stated that 'Whenever I asked, no one made me feel like I was bothering them with my questions.'
"The family  said 'From the minute we  walked on to the unit, we felt the caring and compassion from the staff, from them saying hello each time I came in to asking 'Is there anything I can do for you?' They  stated 'I know why this is a Magnet hospital.'
"They also said what a great thing the White Board was, they always knew what was going on with Mr. X, who was the nurse for the day, who the physician was and the plan for the day. 
"This family took the time to compliment a staff that I work with almost every day. They truly 'exist to make a difference in people’s lives through excellent patient care' and they show this each and every day. They are compassionate and kind and I have seen them go above and beyond with every interaction I have been a part of.
"Thank you to the great leadership that has been part of this amazing team!"


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