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May 15: Meeting our Physicians

Steve Narang, MD  

During the Nursing Consortium this week, I was asked how I spent most of my time my first three weeks.

First of all, I can't believe three weeks have gone by so fast. This is such an amazingly complex hospital with a long history and an incredibly robust culture. So I've just started the journey in understanding Banner Good Sam. So much to learn and so many possibilities.

A large priority of my time this past three weeks has been to meet some of our physician leaders. With almost 2,000 members on our medical staff, I've only started my introductions. But already I can understand what makes Banner Good Sam the best hospital in Arizona and what it’s going to take us to the next level: the ability to recruit and retain the best physicians.

There is no doubt that great hospitals have great physicians who know and want to build highly coordinated programs centered on high value clinical care integrated with teaching and scholarship. In my short time here, I've had the pleasure to meet some of these expert physicians that call Banner Good Sam their home and transform Possibilities into Probabilities.

I've had a chance to get to meet each of our own group of general surgeons who not only run our Level 1 trauma program but are also all fellowship trained in Critical Care. That's an incredible resource for any hospital to have. And it is this collection of expertise at Banner Good Sam that creates the possibilities for our patients every day.

I also had the pleasure of meeting all our transplant surgeons, Drs. Koep, Cashman, Brink and Fabrega. It is extraordinary that Banner Good Sam has the expert services of these world class surgeons here in our community. These are the type of surgeons that build world class programs. We have one of the country's best liver and kidney transplant programs because of their leadership and dedication.

I look forward to getting to know our outstanding nephrologists, hepatologists, and all members of our care teams to take our program to the next level.

I also had the pleasure to meet Drs. Sabeeh, Yao and Walsh, three world-class plastic surgeons with extensive training and expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Their dedication to our patients 24/7 here at Banner Good Sam speaks volumes to their commitment to grow and differentiate our programs even further.

Last week I met Drs. Brink and Carlon, vascular surgeons, who also believe in the possibilities here at BGSMC. Though they already contribute significantly to our outstanding clinical programs at Banner Good Sam, they both challenged me to think about how we can create even more robust programs here that will bring patients from Arizona and beyond.

Imagine the possibilities of creating an "Acute Aorta Program" here that gives patients access to our incredible ICU and Periop resources with our outstanding vascular and CV surgeons. Aahh, the possibilities …

I had similarly evocative conversations with many of our physician partners, including some of our outstanding urologists, orthopedic surgeons and otolaryngologists. The goal is simple. Bring your patients here and let's work together to create world-class multidisciplinary programs that differentiate ourselves. It starts with great physician leaders who want to build great programs.

If my first three weeks are any indication, we have an incredible opportunity to partner with talented and dedicated physicians who want to contribute to making Banner Good Sam the epicenter of  the country's next great academic medical center. Thank you to our physician partners who choose to bring their patients here. With your leadership, the future is indeed bright.

I’m looking forward to many more introductions to our incredible members of our medical staff.  Ahhh. So many possibilities…

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.


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