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June 3: NEO and Possibilities

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Somebody asked during rounds last week what I meant when I keep referring to Banner Good Samaritan as a “Place of Possibility.”   

She had a good point as she reminded me that Banner Good Sam has already accomplished great things over its history and is already ranked the No. 1 hospital in Arizona. She went on to list the great work her team has accomplished over the past several years. In her mind, Banner Good Sam is not about Possibilities. The accomplishments are already happening!

I couldn’t agree more. Banner Good Sam is actually not a “Place of Possibility.”  It’s actually about a continual journey that involves taking Possibilities and transforming them into Realities. This is not about a destination, it’s about continual improvement.

One of my roles as a CEO is to tell this unique story to our customers, who include patients and their families, physicians, our employed staff, payers, and the Banner Health system, so that we integrate what is unique about Banner Good Sam and translate that into a “Brand” that brings Value to all.

This is the same process that any great organization undergoes. It focuses on its Unique Value Proposition ... similar to Starbucks, Southwest Airlines,  Apple, etc.

It is this message that I communicated to a group of individuals in the New Employee Orientation session this week who have decided to join Banner Good Sam and take this journey toward Possibilities with us. What an incredible group of talent we are so fortunate to invite into the Banner Good Samaritan family. Each of them is going to contribute to this unique culture where we align teaching and scholarship activity into high value and highly coordinated clinical care.  

We welcomed new team members into Perioperative Services, Pharmacy, NICU, Emergency Department, ICU Trauma, PICU and L+D. I then asked why they chose to bypass other hospitals closer to their  home and travel to 12th and McDowell. The answer from each one of them was remarkably similar:  “This is the best hospital in the state;" “This is where the sickest and most complex patients come;" "The best people work here;” "I love having 'learners' everywhere."   

I look forward to connecting with these new members of the Banner Good Samaritan family in a few weeks again to hear their stories of how they have contributed to their new “home.” I will ask them to then “enroll” others from all over the state to come join Banner Good Samaritan and bring their expertise to help Banner Good Sam continue in its journey to continue to grow and differentiate.

Our ability to succeed in this continual journey of being a nationally recognized Teaching Hospital within an Academic Medical Center depends on our ability to recruit the BEST.

If you see any of our “new friends,” please take a moment to welcome them. And talk to them about what’s Possible at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center ...

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

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