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Oct. 10: Cath-Lab/EP Physician Advisory Council

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In our journey toward improvement and becoming a destination for patients, families and clinical care teams from throughout the country, we must improve our operations to be efficient, effective and timely in every department. As always, in order to meet our vision, we must align our structures with our strategies.

We are doing that with performance improvement around quality and safety through our new QS structure.

We are doing that with expense management improvement with new structure around performance improvement sessions focused on improving departmental productivity.

We are doing that with throughput improvement through our new structures with the utilization management PI team in the new QS structure.

We are doing that with the patient experience improvement with creating new structures at the unit level focused on accountability at the team level of each department/unit.

We are doing that with perioperative operations improvements with creating a new structure around the Perioperative Physician Advisory  Council. With this collaborative approach toward improvement we will become a destination for the best surgeons in the region.

As you can see above, our newest structure is focused on improving operations in our EP and Cath lab, with the creation of a new structure called the Cath-Lab/EP Physician Advisory Council.

We look forward to using this structure to implement strategies to ensure that we attract the best cardiologists in the region to our CV department at Banner Good Samaritan.

As we keep talking about this Place of Possibility, and creating institutes around an academic model to attract patients and physicians far and wide, we must keep our structures and strategies well aligned toward that vision. Continual improvement is the secret to our success ...

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.


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