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Oct. 25: Start with 'Why'

Steve Narang  

We keep talking about Possibilities of improvement at Banner Good Samaritan. It all starts with leadership – the ability of our leaders to inspire, engage and connect with each of our team members at Good Sam is critical to our ability to improve. Effective leaders are able to explain why every member of their team should believe in what their department is committed to improving.

One example of a highly effective leadership team  is in our Perioperative department. In a short few months, under the leadership of Davey Ellison, Becky Klungreseter, Jennifer Nguyen, Michelle Beverly and many others, there clearly has been a transformation of culture – nurses, techs and physicians in the Perioperative department are beginning to BELIEVE again. That has led to a clear improvement in performance.

Today, our OR utilization rate is at the highest level in12 months; our turnover times are decreasing; our OR start times are increasing; more surgeons are coming back to Banner Good Samaritan; our departmental productivity is improving — and the important outcome is our patients are experiencing more efficient and effective care.

That is the “why” that drives our team members to travel far and wide to join the Perioperative team, and the reason patients and families will travel far and wide to get their surgical procedures completed at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

It all starts with our leaders. Thank you for engaging and connecting with each other — to explain why we all come here every day to create a world class destination for patients and their families …

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

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