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Oct. 6: New CNO, Better Together and Other Updates

Steve Narang  

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather we are finally experiencing here in the Valley. As usual, so many great things are going on at Banner Good Sam. Here are a few thoughts as we start a new week:

Rachel Behrendt, CNO

Have you had a chance to meet your new Chief Nursing Officer? We are blessed to have Rachel’s rich experience as we continue our Nursing Magnet Journey and embark on some exciting new opportunities for our campus. Rachel came to us from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia where she served as Vice President of Nursing Professional Development and the Magnet Recognition Program. Prior to this, she worked at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey when it grew from a 200-bed community hospital to a 600-bed academic medical center in just three years.

Her experience in academic medicine coupled with her passion for performance excellence make her a perfect fit for our campus. She believes Rachel Behrendtperformance excellence is a continuous journey – a chance to celebrate what’s great and identify opportunities for improvement. Rachel is committed to nursing practice. She was an associate professor at Rutgers University School of Nursing, has consulted for many hospitals on their way to Magnet status and has overseen several impressive nursing education programs.

She plans to work side by side with our nurses during one shift per month to understand the nursing perspective and help her sustain and grow nursing excellence. Perhaps I will ask her to write a guest column on my blog about her experiences. Please extend a warm welcome to Rachel. I know we will benefit from her passion, experience and commitment to excellence.

Better Together

It’s really impressive what all of you have done — 32 percent of you contributed more than $72,000 for this year’s campaign. Last year we had a 13 percent participation rate. What an amazing difference in 12 months.

This speaks to  the excitement in our campus this year — the commitment each of you has to contribute to the growth of our medical center and to help our community. Thank you for each of your contributions and for making things possible here at Banner Good Samaritan.

Academic Medical Center

We are moving along with our focus on “re-purposing” Banner Good Sam. With its long tradition as Arizona’s largest teaching hospital with more than $40 million spent annually on graduate medical education, with approximately 100 full-time faculty, 250 residents and fellows and more than 350 published articles and posters annually, it is  time to tell our story throughout the region and the country.

So what are we doing to tell our story? We are creating institutes that tell a story of how our clinical care teams train a future generation of clinicians, write chapters in textbooks, speak at symposiums and offer the highest level of coordinated clinical care in the area. As we look at the changes in health care around the country, it is more important than ever to tell our story, so that PCPs, insurance companies, employers and individual patients/families know when to travel to 12th and Mcdowell. We are already making significant progress in our institute planning work in the area of Women’s Health, Transplant Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine and Neurosciences. If you are interested in learning more about these Institutes, feel free to contact myself or our Senior Administrator, Gayle Cassidy. So many Possibilities ...

VOICE Survey

Ninety percent of you took the time in August to give us feedback. This, to me, is the most important work we do as a TEAM — learn from your feedback and improve. Specifically, I am interested in what you think of your leaders — how can we improve in our ability to communicate, explain the “Why,” inspire and engage.

These are exciting times but also difficult ones for Banner Good Samaritan. We need great leaders and engaged team members. I look forward in the next few week to sharing what we learned from listening to your VOICES. We will listen, learn and improve ...

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.


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