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July 26: (1/2) Palliative Care Accreditation

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What a great week at Banner Good Samaritan. I had the opportunity to host another Town Hall --- with a crowd of more than 70 people, lots of energy. We talked about our vision and, again, a challenge to everybody to contribute and get engaged in your unit’s improvement activities ... so many possibilities.

Today, I wanted to highlight two great physician leaders and their teams that have clearly differentiated Banner Good Samaritan in their journey to becoming a national leader as a teaching hospital in a new academic medical center distinguished by its ability to deliver high value-based care across the continuum.

First I’d like to introduce the story of the Palliative Care Team and its recent JCAHO Accreditation by Dr. Stacy Pinderhughes in her own words. (A separate post by Dr. Ken Ota will follow.)

Good Sam's JCAHO accreditation

By Stacie Pinderhughes

Stacie PinderhughesThis particular part of our story begins in September 2011 when the Joint Commission announced its new Advanced Certification Program for Palliative Care. Our program at Good Samaritan was still relatively new, only 1 year old, but our team knew that our goals included achieving this certification in Palliative Care. 

In February 2012, the Livestrong organization announced its Community Impact Project. They would award grants to chosen programs seeking Advanced Certification in Palliative care that would include financial support and mentorship from both the Joint Commission and the Center to Advance Palliative Care. After discussion with our team we decided to apply primarily to keep our grant application skills active; we did not think we would be one of the programs nationally chosen by Livestrong. 

In May 2012, Banner Good Samaritan was chosen as one of the programs out of many applications to receive the Community Impact funding. We were stunned and very stressed!  This meant we had one year to prepare for our site visit and potential certification. The time between May of 2012 and our survey July 2013 was filled with endless preparation and work with our Quality Specialist and her team. 

In the end we had a successful survey and received Joint Commission Certification in Palliative Care!  The story continues as we now will start preparations for our next survey in just two years but thanks to the support of our Banner family, nursing, Quality and leadership we know we will be like an aging bottle of wine, we’ll only get better with time!

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

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