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May 29: Perioperative Surgery

Perioperative Surgery  

Looking at my calendar, it was clear that I only had an hour before I would be submerged with another day of  meetings... important meetings to help develop a strategy for physician alignment and future growth for Banner Good Samaritan.

However, when I’m in meetings, I can’t be out and about, meeting the incredible people who contribute daily to Banner Good Samaritan, this Place of Possibilities.

I started by walking over to the Perioperative Suite and watching the team prepare for a busy day of surgeries. I spoke to a staff member who told me that the perioperative had visited more than 100 surgery offices in the past few months and have now unveiled a new fax scheduling process that will now allow a more seamless approach for surgeons to schedule their cases here.

This is one of example of many systems the team is putting in place to develop a  Perioperative Surgical Specialty-based model that will be focused on ensuring that surgeons can feel confident that their patients will receive efficient, effective, safe, time and patient-centered care every day. This model will be tailored specifically to every surgical sub-specialty so that the general surgeon, who has 10 high-turnover gallbladder cases, along with the transplant surgeon who has a complex liver or kidney transplant, will have the right team and equipment to meet their needs … So many Possibilities of Improvement are being gradually transformed into Realities.

While walking in the Perioperative Area, I also had a chance to meet Dr. Larry Koep. I watched him intently as he interacted with three young minds around him. Dr. Koep, along with his partners, Drs. Cashman and Brink, make up one of the region’s leading surgical groups, known not only for transplant care but also for surgical oncology and complex hepatobiliary disease.

As I watched how Dr. Koep engaged these young minds, it was clear to me how fortunate we are to have him and his group as a key part of the Banner Good Sam family. So humble in his approach, I hope these young learners understood the privilege of having such an incredible and nationally recognized surgeon as their teacher today.

Moreover, I wondered how well we’ve told our story here at Banner Good Samaritan to bring patients from all over the southwest and the country to be cared for by our expert clinical teams, who are now training a future generation of physicians.

Clearly, the heart and soul of Banner Good Samaritan is that our teaching programs attract great physicians like Dr. Koep, and this in turn attracts patients who recognize that the most complex care is often given in environments where teaching and scholarship are part of the culture of delivering highly differentiated care at the bedside.

My goal as CEO of Banner Good Samaritan is to make sure we continue to attract and retain the best physicians in the country, like Dr. Koep and his group, to contribute to this Place of Possibility. Our patients, our community, our hospital and a future generation of young physicians certainly deserve to be cared for by the country’s best physicians who are dedicated in fostering a culture of teaching, scholarship, excellent clinical care and continual improvement.

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

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