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Sept. 1: High Value Care

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What is high-value based care? Can better care be less care? In today’s health care system do we produce sometimes too much medicine that doesn’t lead to improved outcomes?

Too often what we are learning about our health care system is that we overuse and misuse resources that don’t lead to better care for our patients. The reasons are often complex, but at Banner Health, our vision is clear: to be an Industry leader in improving  the health of the populations we serve.

And as Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center continues its journey to be a nationally recognized teaching hospital in an academic medical center, one of our key value propositions is to demonstrate through scholarly activity how we can create more reliable care delivery systems that lead to higher value to our population of patients, meaning delivering care that is of higher quality and lower cost.

We are quickly learning that those two things often happen naturally — following evidence-based guidelines often leads to reduced variation and reduced cost. Simply, higher value, better care for our patients.

We foresee that many of the institutes that we are planning to develop at Banner Good Samaritan will be known nationally for scholarship around delivering high-value based care in Neurosciences, CV, Transplant, Women and Infant’s Health, Orthopedics, Digestive Diseases, etc. Our institutes will not focus on only offering what’s newl, but more importantly, what’s best.

As an illustration of our commitment to be a national leader in this area, Dr. Cheryl O’ Malley and Steve Brown, program directors of our excellent Internal Medicine and Family Medicine programs, respectively, are leading the Banner Good Samaritan Residency Programs in a national competition.  As a matter of fact, BGSMC already entered this “GME High Value Idea Competition” and have been named semifinalists (14 out of 74 submissions nationally!)

Below are more details of this national competition that Banner Good Sam residents are participating in…

Steve Narang, MD, is the chief executive officer at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Housestaff  High Value Idea Competition

Why a Competition?

Residents and fellows provide patient care at Banner Health facilities on a daily basis and are well-positioned to identify waste and safety challenges as well as recognize solutions. 

There is a mandate to train residents and fellows as leaders and engage them in local quality efforts (Nasca 2012) and teach high-value cost-conscious care (Smith 2012).

Banner Health is already a recognized leader in innovation and quality patient care. Many Banner Health strategic initiatives are tied to high-value care and Banner has built an industry-leading information technology platform that can be utilized to innovate and improve care.

The GME High Value Competition is designed to:

Engage the health system leadership in judging innovations proposed by housestaff
Support a financial award for top projects
Grant an interdisciplinary team of local experts to collaborate on selected projects
Develop a venue for local dissemination of the outcomes of the projects

Project Goals:

Educate housestaff in high-value care
Improve patient care
Develop future leaders in health care
Engage housestaff in the local quality improvement activities
Disseminate the findings to improve care throughout the system and beyond.

Competition Details

I want to thank Drs. O’Malley, Brown and all our highly talented residents committed to this project. This is one of many examples of the Possibilities at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. Health care is transforming around us. How are you contributing to delivering better care every day to our patients? So many Possibilities here at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center …

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